Atomic Reach Leverages AI to Personalize Marketing Content Across Channels and Boost Conversion Rates

Atomic Reach Leverages AI to Personalize Marketing Content Across Channels and Boost Conversion RatesTL; DR: Atomic Reach leverages AI to help you businesses produce high-quality, personal marketing copy through their content intelligence platform. The actual result is better-performing content that caters to audience preferences, drives proposal, and maximizes conversions. The platform also saves time on article marketing while ensuring consistent good quality and brand voice over channels. Now, Atomic Reach concentrates on more granular personalization and so that it is easier for its clientele — including large corporations — to integrate using existing workflows.

Marketing content happens to be vital to converting on-line sales. A recent study discovered that 69% of shoppers would leave an online site if it contains inadequate or incomplete specifics of a product. That involves related content, such while videos and reviews, aggregated in — or near — the product or service description. Insufficient information was even very likely to make shoppers leave a page than lack of familiarity with the brand — which has been the least important reason cited inside study.

The takeaway can be that smart product points can convert shoppers straight into buyers, and Atomic Reach allows businesses target their content better. Its platform leverages AI to help you marketing teams quickly improve — and personalize — his or her content. The improved backup helps drive engagement by simply matching the audience’s looking at preferences, which ultimately ends in higher conversion rates.

Atomic Accomplish logoThe Atomic Reach wise content platform helps corporations create more compelling promoting content.And it’s not only product descriptions that needs to be tailored. Marketers are searching for the simplest way to serve every type of content thus to their market segments, said Paul Roscoe, Vice President involving Business Development and Organizing Partnerships for Atomic Accomplish. And they need for you to base that content on the their customers want right now, and how they’ve involved yourself with the business during the past.

Marketers also want in order that the content is pertinent, on a channel the buyer prefers, and personalized in a way that provides value, ” explained Paul.

Atomic Reach’s AI-based platform saves amount of time in content creation because it removes the importance for multiple drafts along with review cycles by suggesting improvements instantly. It also ensures regular quality and brand speech across channels — which include blogs, marketing emails, on-line ads, product descriptions, along with landing pages.

The company’s latest efforts target developing more granular personal content, with greater legibility and emotional tone. Which make it more relatable for shoppers and easier for businesses to integrate inside their existing workflows — specially cloud and marketing websites. And as Atomic Reach is maintaining growth, it is expanding its focus to create AI content marketing functions to enterprise clients.

Routinely Targeting Customers with Pertinent Content

Personalizing customer communications — by understanding specifics of an individual — is often a significant thrust in written content marketing today. According to a single report, 88% of marketers who responded said the principle driver for that should be to deliver a better buyer experience. Other reasons involved increasing customer loyalty, making measurable ROI, and increasing more leads.

According for you to Paul, customers enjoy personalized communication — providing the content is relevant and supplies value. If it’s certainly not, they may get somewhat concerned about privacy occasionally, such as an email addressed for many years by name.

“They may start to think, ‘Why do you think you’re collecting enough information to find out who I am along with my name, but too few to provide something tightly related to me? ’” Paul explained.

The Atomic Reach content intelligence platform makes sure that the language used in a very marketer’s content is in point, on topic, and tightly related to the particular end individual. It also analyzes written content for readability, perspective, and emotional tone and automatically provides strategies for improvements. These areas are especially important when looking in different market segments and customer personas determined by demographics, including gender as well as income level.

By way of example, when Atomic Reach helped a sporting goods site optimize product descriptions for golf sets, it found that guy shoppers had different preferences for the people descriptions than did women shoppers for similar solutions. The AI analyzed points and identified language habits and emotional attributes that connected with customer purchase behaviors, along with created personalized profiles pertaining to both product categories.

Analyzing historical data discovered that male shoppers preferred more advanced or technical language which has a more exciting emotional firmness. After four weeks of with all the optimized product descriptions for each and every group, sales saw a new 94% average increase throughout unique purchases and profits grew by 7. 29%.

Another Atomic Reach full price customer sells within a ecommerce store and also from the Amazon Marketplace and Walmart’s on-line marketplace. But income levels and average shopping cart solution values differ widely some of those channels.

“As we’ve implemented our solution and did start to optimize content, we see the call to speak to different market segments in several ways to have your articles resonate, ” Paul explained. “We can use any data you’ve got on your customers for you to optimize content, based on how those people customers have interacted with you during the past. ”

Upcoming Integrations will take the Platform to Additional Channels

Adding new technology to your marketing department with founded systems and existing workflows may upset operations. Ideally, brand-new tools will integrate using current marketing stacks, and without disrupting detailed flow or adding time for it to the process.

Atomic Reach makes that possible by subtracting an API-based approach. Their platform also integrates flawlessly with many popular promoting applications.

“We want to adjust to into the existing workflow and make sure we’re not creating additional work or additional measures, ” Paul said. “So we try a growing universe of written content management systems, email, internet commerce, and marketing automation websites. We’re meeting marketers wherever they work. ”

Screenshot of Atomic Accomplish featuresAtomic Reach integrates using many popular content marketing platforms in order that it doesn’t disrupt business workflows.Latest integrations include HubSpot, WordPress, Marketo, Yahoo and google Ads, MailChimp, Google Analytics, along with Google Docs. The company is also in the operation of rolling out additional integrations in the Oracle Marketing Cloud, your Salesforce Marketing Cloud, plus the broader Adobe Marketing Foriegn, said Paul.

Further organized integrations include Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Zynga, and LinkedIn, among a great many others with big names inside content marketing industry.

And Atomic Reach pursues a lot of the newer integrations by targeting the most important marketing platforms in use today in order to meet even the largest organization clients.

Expanding its Concentration by Onboarding Enterprise Clientele

High-quality targeted marketing content is necessary for businesses of just about any size, which is why Atomic Accomplish has scaled its AI ways of help large enterprises. Atomic Reach begins by building a proof-of-concept that takes involving 30 and 45 days and nights, depending on the setting, said Paul.

Then, the corporation parses the client’s digital camera content and engagement metrics and completes a basic analysis using its AI algorithms. After sharing the insights they have gleaned from that course of action, Atomic Reach shows the corporation how optimized content may help boost engagement and conversion rate.

Photo of Atomic Accomplish VP of Business Growth and Strategic Partnerships Paul RoscoePaul Roscoe, Vice Us president of Business Development along with Strategic Partnerships for Atomic Accomplish, spoke with us regarding the platform’s effectiveness.Some organization projects are much much wider in scope, so the proof-of-concept will take longer, but overall your onboarding process is rapid, said Paul. Like others in the enterprise organization, marketers routinely have budgets and timelines, while they’re evaluating new engineering, it’s all about occasion and ROI.

“They’re wondering, ‘How quickly am I going to realize value from this specific new technology? ’” Paul said. “We’re focused on streamlining that will process and making that period frame as short as it can be. ”

Atomic Reach plans to try and do that by increasing your automation of content generation. According to Paul, the corporation wants the writing process to get fully automated. That’s why it can be researching ways to present topics, keywords, and basic parameters for some content and having AI create your initial draft using natural words generation.

“This is something we’re pretty pumped up about, and something that many of us think we will accomplish down the road,


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