CiviHosting: Reliable Shared and Virtual Server Solutions Backed by Stellar Customer Support from a Family-Like Team

CiviHosting: Reliable Shared and Virtual Server Solutions Backed by Stellar Customer Support from a Family-Like Team

TL; DR: CiviHosting, launched in 2006, delivers shared and VPS hosting solutions designed to keep sites secure along with running quickly. The company concentrates on hosting open-source systems, including CiviCRM, MediaWiki and Nextcloud, without difficulty. With a focus on delivering comfort through exemplary customer assist, CiviHosting aims to further its reputation as being a trusted and experienced number.

Changes in the political climate within the last few few years have spurred civil engagement by organizations aiming to address issues of cultural concern. But managing these groups isn’t always always easy, especially when it relates to tracking and engaging using donors, volunteers, members, along with subscribers.

Since 2005, a lot of nonprofits, advocates, and non-governmental organizations have ventured into CiviCRM, an open-source buyer relationship management (CRM) instrument, for a solution. Your affordable and robust CRM, clearly built for civic groupings, helps streamline event operations, email marketing, and fundraising, amid other complex tasks.

There’s one particular caveat: The software is infamously difficult to host on account of resource requirements, particularly in shared servers.

CiviHosting logoCiviHosting ended up being built specifically to number CiviCRM.“That’s where we appear in, ” said David Feldman, Bill Manager at CiviHosting. “In 2006, we developed an exceptional hosting system that provided more resources inside backend than most various other shared hosts so we’re able to handle CiviCRM flawlessly. Our goal was to deliver a turnkey hosting option for CiviCRM, and that’s what exactly we did. ”

Right now, CiviHosting leverages more when compared with 13 years of experience to deliver specialized shared and virtual hosting solutions which have been ideal for sites jogging unique tools, such while CiviCRM, MediaWiki, and Nextcloud, and also popular packages like Drupal along with WordPress. The company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee pledges that every CiviCRM features will work effectively on its servers, both now and down the road.

“Not every host offers a turnkey solution pertaining to software like Nextcloud along with MediaWiki, but with CiviHosting, that’s might know about do, ” David explained. “We have experience and expertise using these more difficult-to-host packages, and our services include installation of any package our buyer needs. ”

A Most recognized Host for CiviCRM, MediaWiki, along with Nextcloud

CiviHosting has optimized their shared and virtual solutions in the past to provide a top-notch CiviCRM expertise. The open-source CRM might be run within WordPress, Drupal, along with Joomla, as CiviHosting sustains all three. The company can host each of the CRM’s core features, and yes it tests each newly released version to make sure that compatibility with its distributed and virtual accounts.

Customers who wish to host CiviCRM may select three plans — a consistent shared plan with 10GB computer space for European users or 1GB for the people in the U. Ersus., an extended shared prepare with 100GB disk place, or a mini VPS prepare with 4GB memory along with 50GB of SSD-based computer space.

Brian told us that, while CiviHosting has pretty the expertise in hosting software including CiviCRM, MediaWiki, and Nextcloud, the corporation can host nearly just about any PHP or MySQL-based deal.

“We are the number one host in the CiviCRM place, ” he said. “Over your years, we have grown in order to meet changing demands, and we have now specialize in other unique spaces including Nextcloud and MediaWiki. Many of us, of course, also host widely used packages such as Drupal along with WordPress. ”

All CiviHosting servers are powered by Linux and are proactively checked by quality assurance and admin teams at any hour, seven days a 1 week, and 365 days 12 months. These groups regularly conduct security tests, with actual physical security achieved via innovative smoke detection and flames suppression systems, around-the-clock collateralized access with motion detectors, video surveillance, and stability breach alarms.

In true of an emergency, your servers are supported by simply redundant power, a obsolete network of fiber trunks via multiple sources, and numerous backup generators. All plans add daily backups and SSL security.

Through these measures, the corporation has maintained 99. 9% server uptime since 2007 and is also not aware of perhaps one security breach throughout its existence.

Delivering Comfort Through Reliable Service along with Support

Over the several years, David told us he’s seen a tremendous market shift in relation to sacrificing quality for price tag.

“Today, you can come across today hosting for literal nickels with promises of ‘unlimited’ means, ” he said. “Of study course, people fail to read the small print, which often states that this second year of hosting are going to be charged at full price knowing that ‘unlimited’ is actually quite limited actually. ”

In this brand-new and highly competitive natural environment, David said many website hosts resort to selling plans at such low price ranges that they’re seldom able to get infrastructure and support solutions.

“Our approach has always been and will almost always be just the opposite — we charge a fair price up front that will doesn’t change at rebirth time, ” he explained. “In exchange for that will, we provide only essentially the most powerful servers with the most up-to-date hardware, and our support team responds to everyone questions within 10 units. ”

CiviHosting: Hosting that Just WorksThe company’s goal should be to tackle hosting concerns so customers can target what’s most important: his or her businesses.Every member in the company’s incredibly professional support team boasts at the least six years of expertise, meaning the team is prepared which has a solution to nearly any risk that may arise. Along with, as a full-service company, CiviHosting takes full responsibility to the performance of all their servers, whether shared as well as virtual.

“We have migrated clients faraway from other firms due for you to horror stories of missing backups, server crashes, and three-day waiting periods for the support response informing them that this host can’t help, ” Brian said. “With CiviHosting, absolutely nothing is left to chance as well as passed off on our clients to address by themselves. ”

The company often obtains praise from clients regarding their comfort — they don’t ought to worry that their sites go down suddenly or that they’ll ought to wait days for a response if something goes drastically wrong.

“We take care of hosting your blog, and you are free to keep up your business without the need to worry about anything, ” Brian said.

Ongoing Development Determined by Customer Feedback

When it relates to product development, CiviHosting favors a cautious approach to the industry trends that often occur and go.

“If you latch upon a trend when it’s while on an upswing, you can in fact succeed, but it’s often at the price tag on stability and quality, ” Brian said. “Feedback is our most significant drive — when each of our clients need services we don’t have, we try and develop them. ”

Customers were the creativity behind the company’s the latest expansion of its VPS offerings and also plans for reseller possibilities. “We are presently implementing a reseller-style VPS, ” Brian said. “Our VPS accounts have invariably been single-site only, but our clients want a VPS which could support multiple sites. ”

David describes the CiviHosting team as being a small and close-knit family who treat the other with care. That spirit also gets to the company’s clients, whom he said appreciate personal support.

“When something goes wrong with considered one of our clients’ sites, even if it’s because of a botched software upgrade that this client himself did, we get nervous right as well as our client and drop everything until you can get that site back, ” he said. “Our clients’ uptime can be our badge of respect. ”.


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