Collaborate Remotely via Bitrix24: A Complete Suite of Cloud-Based Communication and Management Tools

Collaborate Remotely via Bitrix24: A Complete Suite of Cloud-Based Communication and Management ToolsTL; DR: Bitrix24 is usually a free all-in-one social relationship, communication, and business development suite trusted by in excess of 6 million businesses world-wide. Available via the cloud and on-premises, the multifaceted technology has a CRM, site builder, call center, and project managing tool, among other methods. By providing centralized space to figure on tasks and take care of clients, Bitrix24 effectively enhances operational agility, streamlines workflows, and serves for ideal contingency solution with times of crisis.

Businesses and institutions are grappling to face a new reality to be a global pandemic casts a uncertain future over populations world-wide. But awkward elbow blobs aren’t our only your survival option in these freakish times — remote work is happening more often, and it’s making a large impact in slowing this spread of COVID-19.

Businesses small and substantial are taking drastic measures to try and do their part. Google has recommended that employees in The usa, Europe, the Middle Distance, and Africa work remotely. Adjusted March 11, Twitter made home working mandatory for all world wide employees, and many small establishments are following suit.

But transitioning to remote work with not a contingency plan isn’t quick, and frankly, people usually are struggling. That’s why it’s so refreshing to discover companies like Bitrix24, the provider of all-in-one social collaboration, verbal exchanges, and business development room, put people over gains.

Bitrix24 logoBitrix24’s free collaboration software can assist businesses weather the sudden.As of March 3, Bitrix24 announced that it’d temporarily remove quite a few user restrictions on it is free Bitrix24 plans, making it possible for an unlimited number connected with users to leverage the software program.

“Unfortunately, only a small fraction of businesses and companies had a contingency approach that allowed for remote collaboration and home working, ” the Bitrix24 team stated within a recent press release. “The fact that your free plan now posseses an unlimited number of end users means you don’t have to plod through budgeting and procurement committees as a way to have a ‘plan B’ at once. ”

Trusted by in excess of 6 million businesses world-wide, the multifaceted technology has a CRM, site builder, call center, and project managing tools, among other methods. By providing a centralized digital space for working away at tasks and managing buyers with operational agility, Bitrix24 serves for ideal collaboration solution — possibly in times of dilemma.

A Tech-Based Company Empowering Global Communication Since 2012

Bitrix24 was launched in 2012 by Co-Founders Sergey Rizhikov in addition to Dmitry Valyanov. Though this company is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, it first made waves from the Russian market, Vlad Kovalskiy, U. S. Marketing Manager on Bitrix24, said.

“When we turned out with the first type of Bitrix24, which at this point was a basic messenger in addition to collaboration tool, there weren’t a great number of competitors — especially from the Russian region and in the course of Europe, ” Vlad claimed. “We quickly became widely recognized in Russia, where nearly all small business now works by using our platform. ”

But Bitrix24 wanted to manufacture a global impact as very well. So, early on, its leaders began to market its services world-wide. Today, the self-funded company operates in The usa, Germany, and Russia.

“We have also been growing quickly, ” Vlad claimed. “We now provide in excess of 6 million organizations with 187 countries and territories with the free project management software, which is available with 18 languages. ”

With its earliest stages, Bitrix24 was aimed generally at enterprises and was available by using a customizable on-premises installation. Even so the company saw early signs of any cloud-computing boom, and its leadership able to act accordingly by transforming the software program into a cloud-based alternative.

“We made a massive jump, knowing that the timing seemed to be right — we were a small amount ahead of the activity, ” Vlad told you. “In cloud form, we made it possible to bring Bitrix24 to besides enterprise businesses, but every team and organization that needed it to help fuel growth — regardless their size. ”

Users can still choose between the company’s cloud in addition to on-premises versions — the latter which comes with source-code access which enables it to be installed on this user’s server.

File Giving, Project Management, Calendars, in addition to CRM Solutions

Bitrix24 delivers several tools for purchaser management, tasks and initiatives, customer support, internal devices, and e-commerce. Businesses incorporate the use of it for organizational requirements: to share documents, trail and assign tasks, take care of customer relationships, maintain calendars, in addition to streamline product management.

Teams may use it to build free sites, landing websites, and online stores which might be integrated with the platform’s CRM in addition to marketing automation tools. Free help desk instruments and contact center solutions can also be available, empowering users to get in touch with customers over chat, mail, phone, and social marketing channels.

With seemingly plenty of use cases, it’s simple to grasp why millions of consumers are drawn to Bitrix24. Vlad said the platform’s all-in-one nature would be the cornerstone of its achievements.

Workflow screenshotThe multifunctional tool allows to communicate, collaborate, in addition to manage projects via just one platform.“What we did having Bitrix24 is simplify everything and see it into one place, ” Vlad claimed. “For example, we took our CRM to the next level with collaboration tools to help you to not only manage relationships with all your customers, but you may manage relationships within your enterprise. ”

Vlad told us it’s as important to streamline internal processes the way it is to ensure nutritious customer relationships — although internal concerns often get swept beneath rug.

“In the CRM earth, people are always paying attention to leads and closing gross sales, and that’s understandable, ” he / she said. “But a great deal of leaders find that while they’re closing sales, their company isn’t growing for the rate it should. That always comes down to the collaboration of your team and how very well you’re organized. ”

Assisting Operational Agility and More efficient Workflows

Vlad told us one among his favorite aspects of Bitrix24 would be the platform’s knowledge management application, included within the CRM software.

“Knowledge management is simply how you will store and provide having access to company data, ” he / she said. “Let’s say you’re generally onboarding new people or have many freelance workers: You can produce different knowledge bases in this product that store your complete documents, and you can configure the access points to overpower who can view or maybe edit that knowledge basic. ”

With Bitrix24’s expertise management solution, users may set access levels for any team member. For case, if a company wishes to display important company information to new business friends, it can build some sort of companywide knowledge base and grant having access to everyone. Or, a manager could make a knowledge base where self employed could access relevant facts and documents.

The free software also allows users to develop knowledge bases starting from scratch with the ultimate in personalization — or by employing intuitive, customizable templates.

“Whether you choose everybody to access ones schedule or find instructions on how to clean the office coffee maker, Bitrix24 offers a simple place and store and distribute all the info and documents that are essential to your company, ” Vlad claimed.

The tool can likewise have employees with one universal cause of truth for vital information on topics like contingency planning with regards to an emergency.

Continued Extension Across Markets Worldwide

Forward movement, the Bitrix24’s team’s primary goal is to discover the platform into the hands and wrists of even more users world wide — especially with this recent increase in out of the way employees.

“We’re trying to help expand into different promotes, whether it be this U. S., Brazil, The nation, South America, Mexico — we would like to make our products there for everyone, all over the earth, ” Vlad said.

Bitrix24’s on-premises solution currently is gaining popularity in Vietnam car without any affordable price point in addition to abundance of features. This company is also concentrating with traction within Africa.

“We’re looking for into every single current market, make some noise, and get people make use of the product because it’s among the finest tools available, especially with the price.


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