Fleksy: A Smartphone Keyboard that Integrates Apps and Predicts User Needs to Provide Fast Access and Boost Productivity

Fleksy: A Smartphone Keyboard that Integrates Apps and Predicts User Needs to Provide Fast Access and Boost ProductivityTL; DR: Your Fleksy virtual keyboard, owner in the Guinness World Record pertaining to texting speed, now allows users access apps by simply embedding them into their interface. That allows consumers to quickly select Fleksyapps even though typing without switching window screens or leaving the chat. The platform also controls AI through its Fleksynext Sensible Assistant, which can anticipate and suggest apps, emojis, or other resources users need as they type. Fleksy carries a digital currency exchange system inside works and also developed an online app market. Those features make your platform a secure, private alternative for mobile users who want to communicate more — throughout less time. 

Throughout today’s mobile-centric world, texting has surpassed messages or calls and emails as the most famous form of communication in the us. And smartphone users inside U. S. spend a stunning 23 hours a week on the devices.

During all that period using mobile keyboards, many users also waste plenty of time switching between apps even though texting to retrieve everything they need to include in a communication. Whether those are backlinks, videos, songs, emojis, or maybe payments, rounding them all up can appear like a chore.

That’s precisely why , a well-known personal keyboard platform, introduced apps to generate texting more intuitive. apps allows users to embed a common apps directly into your  smartphone keyboard, in order that they are quickly accessible after a conversation.

apps is the most up-to-date addition to the  keyboard set, which broke the Guinness Entire world Record for fastest text messages.

Fleksy logo and image of Head of Promoting Stephane DussartStephane Dussart, Fleksy Go of Marketing, spoke around about how the firm revolutionizes virtual keyboards.“Fleksy is the fastest keyboard on the globe, and we launched Fleksyapps for being the fastest access to content anywhere the person is typing, ” explained Stephane Dussart,  Go of Marketing. “With users spending much time messaging every morning, we wanted to bring them an even cross-app experience.

The Fleksy platform can be purchased on Android and iOS throughout 110 countries and by way of mobile OEMs, including Samsung, The company, and GMobi. It was made with a powerful along with intuitive gesture system along with includes auto-correction in over 50 languages.

And, with additional than 13 million data under its belt, continues to focus on innovation — which involves support for exchanging digital camera currency.

Integrating Mobile Unit Keyboards and Apps using Predictive AI

According to analyze by Flurry, U. Ersus. smartphone users devote 33% of their time on mobile devices specializing in messaging via social advertising, text, or email on a daily basis.

At the same occasion, adults average more when compared with 30 apps installed on the smartphones. Yet 80% of touch screen phone users may never actually use all those apps.

Screenshot of Fleksy software on mobile deviceFleksynext can predict apps and also other content that users might require while they’re typing in Fleksy’s smart keyboard.Switching back and forth between all those apps can be complicated when users are in the heart of a conversation. But apps appears presents itself the mobile keyboard, so that it is more natural to employ while typing. Users normally include Yelp, Skyscanner, GIPHY, along with GifNote, among many people, as well as emojis, memes, GIFs, along with stickers.

And Fleksy built your next smart assistant employing AI to predict along with suggest apps users need next as they type a communication. It can dynamically propose services and content including restaurants, GIFs, music, video clips, or even airline routes.

Keywords also trigger relevant apps according to the details in a user’s account.

For example, if a new user discusses food generally, the next AI serp may suggest lunch at the nearby Japanese restaurant in case sushi is mentioned in a very conversation before noon.

“Users are generally demanding a smarter, additional personalized typing experience, and also an interconnected typing expertise, ” said Stephane. “Thanks to powerful next AI serp, we can use a nearby resources of a unit to predict what the person needs next. ”

Setting up a Safe, Private Platform pertaining to Speedy Communication

Fleksynext in addition respects and protects users’ solitude. The keyboard analyzes, finds, and predicts the services a user need next anonymously within the product. That is possible for the reason that AI is upon the device itself and controls its powerful processing and memory resources in lieu of external servers.

No data travels to the cloud, and it’s impossible to access what users produce. That keeps their identity and personal data secure in all apps, along with from other third-party intermediaries.

Plus the company continues to develop its robust app environment. Earlier this year, Fleksy launched a app store on your Android platform. It involves navigation, localization, ride-hailing, interpretation, weather, booking, and micropayment software. While apps is on the keyboard by default, the app Store makes it possible for users to customize their experience more by adding and taking away apps.

And the Fleksyapp Keep gives users the freedom to work with any apps they desire.

“Our core differentiation can be neutrality and freedom to control, a home for most brands, and respect pertaining to user privacy, ” explained Stephane. “The fundamental problem pertaining to app stores today is actually saturated. And, while developers and brands spend a huge number of hours building their software, they end up using so few downloads that will it’s harder to get user attention. The Fleksyapp Store covers this by bringing makes and developers to wherever users spend most of their time: messaging. ”

The firm also introduced a small rewards system. Users can earn Fleksycoins by inviting friends to work with the keyboard, earning badges, adding words thus to their dictionary, answering surveys, or posting about Fleksy on social websites. While not a cryptocurrency, this in-app currency has value and can be sold back for new themes. Down the road, Fleksycoins will serve because primary exchange currency involving brands and users inside Fleksyapp Store.

“We are equipped for giving users what they desire across all apps along with bringing Fleksyapps everywhere that they type across all websites, ” said Stephane. “Fleksy offers meta-access to everyone of digital life in an, coherent package. ”

Fleksy: With a Mission to Build the longer term of Typing

To achieve its goal to become “the fastest access to content anywhere the person types, ” Fleksy makes products that foster a brilliant, integrated keyboard experience. Your Fleksyapp Store is regularly adding new apps, plus the company has even more innovations planned.

While many people imagine a keyboard as a technique of typing, Fleksy sees it as being a gateway to new chances.

“We’re building the potential of typing, ” explained Stephane. “We have a number of very exciting things returning, including a new dictionary-less keying experience powered by AI. ”

As outlined by Stephane, Fleksy’s main challenge is other individuals trying to copy your keyboard’s innovations and experience its coattails to good results. But he said that also motivates the corporation to continue building your “next big thing” that could lead the market.

Plus the company finds those brand-new opportunities by combining a ideas with feedback via users.

“Our design expertise gives users new ideas like Fleksyapps in a very neat package, ” explained Stephane. “Now, we often receive opinions from our users suddenly imagining a great deal of new Fleksyapps that may help them daily. That is the place that the other 50% comes throughout. Once we have made the innovation, we hear what users tell people. ”.


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