G-Core Labs: High-Performance Cloud and Edge Solutions Designed for Finance, Entertainment, and Media Organizations Worldwide

G-Core Labs: High-Performance Cloud and Edge Solutions Designed for Finance, Entertainment, and Media Organizations WorldwideTL; DR: G-Core Labs, headquartered during Luxembourg, is an international fog up and edge solutions provider by using a global infrastructure so robust it’s featured during the Guinness World Records. Any company’s CDN, hosting, and security services consist of affordable, all-in-one packages designed for many different consumers across industries. All the way through 2020, the company plans that will strengthen its global presence while launching a continuous stream of updates and services.

Much to my best dismay, my husband’s favorite pastime involves sitting in front of the TV, Xbox controller in hand, as he navigates armored military vehicles from your charred war scenes for World of Tanks.

The webs multiplayer game captures this attention like nothing other than them. What can I mention? Love is a battlefield.

I wouldn’t mind in anyway if a technical glitch helped bring down the whole system occasionally. But it won’t.

G-Core Labs: Fog up and edge solutions. Dmitry Samoshkin, VP for Products, gave us any scoop on G-Core’s fog up and edge solutions.Any oh-so-reliable game is established by G-Core Labs, a cloud and edge solutions provider by using a global infrastructure that’s always happy to sustain any load.

“We evolved World of Tanks when using the support of G‑Core Labs, mastering challenges and reaching different heights together, ” says Victor Kislyi, CEO for Wargaming. net (the parent provider of World of Tanks) from a testimonial. “Believe me, it does take years to build an always-on infrastructure which can handle over a thousand thousand peak concurrent users (PCCUs). ”

Dmitry Samoshkin, VP for Products at G-Core Labs, said among the many company’s earliest goals was for the traffic spikes usually faced by gaming together with entertainment companies — and this rose to that difficulty. “Now, we can safely say that many of us can handle any best load easily, even just about the most powerful ones, ” she told us.

Today, G-Core Labs gives the comprehensive selection of fog up and edge solutions that come in affordable, all-in-one packages suitable meant for growing businesses in many different industries. The Luxembourg-based company’s services your internet site robust CDN, managed holding, advanced media platforms meant for streaming and video regarding demand, DDoS production, transcoding, together with cloud-based storage, among many other tools.

And there’s more to come back: Moving forward, the company plans that will strengthen its global presence while launching a continuous stream of updates and services.

Providing High Availability and Low Latency for nearly a Decade

G-Core Labs, now a respected global IT solutions issuer with nearly 250 people, was founded in 2011 during Vienna (the company changed its headquarters to Luxembourg during 2015).

“Ten years earlier, we were experts during designing and supporting high-load solutions, ” Dmitry said. “We developed custom solutions for other programs and launched in new regions influenced by their requirements. ”

The provider soon added hosting infrastructure in addition to a CDN with multiple tips of presence. With an early backbone network made from seven datacenters in five cities, G-Core Labs was initially officially born.

“We have cultivated from a small startup suitable company that has five offices in three areas and 200-plus employees, and we rank among the many top 10 service service providers worldwide, ” Dmitry says.

The company’s name, that means “Gaming-Core” is a look of its history during online gaming, which comprises building the robust server infrastructure for Wargaming. net. (Yes, that’s the same infrastructure that keeps my husband’s treasured World of Tanks operational 24/7 — whether I want it or not. )

Apart from Wargaming. net, G-Core Labs now has international and regional businesses during the telecommunications, finance, media, video games, and publishing industries, together with Bandai Namco, Sandbox Interactive, Nevosoft, Michelin, Tinkoff Loan provider, and RedFox Game, among other.

A Robust International CDN Featured during the Guinness World Records

G-Core Labs is particularly proud of its CDN, which had been designed with a look into performance and security, and supports even the heaviest loads owing to the company’s global infrastructure.

In early 2013, any company’s network grew that will 23 datacenters. And regarding January 21, 2013, that infrastructure made any Guinness World Records for supporting just about the most players online simultaneously (190, 541 users) on a single multiplayer game server, which had been located in Moscow. By just 2014, the company’s network may well withstand a load greater than 1 million simultaneous clients.

“After achieving this results, we decided to set up, on its basis, some sort of all-in-one service to improve the delivery of matches, videos, broadcasts, web products, software, ads, and web-sites, ” Dmitry said.

A map within the G-Core Labs networkG-Core Labs has got amassed points of presence on every continent.Thanks to a CDN, the company produced another major milestone during 2018 when it improved broadcast two popular gatherings: The UFC fight somewhere between Conor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov (during any fight, peak traffic reached nearly 2Tbps) and also FIFA World Cup during Russia.

And, in 2019, the company was performing as number nine on the the world’s top CDN service providers, beating out widely famous brands, such as StackPath CDN, KeyCDN, CDNetworks, and also OVH CDN.

Today, G-Core Labs has about 200 cache servers in around 50 points of appeal on all continents except for Antarctica, with the best CDN performance in Russia and a lot of European countries. Dmitry told us that your company’s wide-ranging infrastructure is a must to its success.

“These days or weeks, all progressive companies are start to use edge computing; they select infrastructure to meet your clients’ needs, and unveiling expensive points of appeal in regions like Brazil, Africa, and India, ” she said.

Delivering Affordable, All-in-One Treatments

Dmitry told us G-Core Labs known for providing clients various benefits via its broad product catalog.

“We can state with confidence that we have any widest coverage worldwide: from South america to the Commonwealth for Independent States (CIS) that will Africa — something not so many other providers can boast, ” she said. “And our services are suited for any sort of customer’s needs: from a video player or simply a server to a challenging cloud. ”

According that will Dmitry, the industry is certainly shifting toward all-in-one treatments, as customers are no longer buying a single product, such as hosting or simply a CDN. Instead, they choose to purchase a whole range of services from one owner.

To the fact that end, the turnkey business at G-Core Labs allows consumers to conserve time and money despite the fact that enjoying high-quality, customized products.

“They don’t have to allocate an incredible portion of their wallets toward infrastructure, engineers, licenses — you’ll find already created everything some of our clients need, ” Dmitry says. “All they have to carry out is click a couple buttons. ”

G-Core believes during the value of this service model a huge amount of that it informs any company’s philosophy.

“Our guiding principle is simple: the customer can access several services from a simple personal account, ” Dmitry says. “Clients don’t have to think about third-party vendors to street address their needs — they’ll have it all of hospitality attire place.

Ongoing Developments with a Proactive Global Team

Relating to internal development, G-Core Labs leans very much on feedback from a customers.

“We are focused regarding our customers’ needs and attempt to make products exactly how they might be see them, ” Dmitry says. “Each product has some designated unit: a team led by just a product owner that advances it daily. ”

Any G-Core Lab team, which unfortunately Dmitry describes as “cross-cultural, adolescent, and open-minded with a team culture in line with the proactive, friendly, professional, together with collaborative nature of a members, ” has a good busy year ahead.

“In 2020, we arrange to further strengthen our presence during the U. S. and South east asia, and to become party partners and sponsors during these markets, ” she said. “As for products and services, this year we’re beginning DNS and cloud products, and also actively working for startups and creating some sort of equally high-quality low-cost system. ”

Ultimately, the company’s goal for 2020 could be to provide its customers when using the best network coverage likely while continuing to contribute the CDN market.

That’s news that my husband — and even businesses in the universal telecommunications, finance, media, video games, and publishing industries — shall be excited to hear.


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