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Hostpoint is a One-Stop Shop for Affordable and Intuitive Hosting, Ecommerce, and Domain SolutionsTL; DR: Hostpoint, Switzerland’s largest web hosting company, is an all-in-one carrier of web, email, emarketing, and domain solutions. The agency manages approximately 800, 000 domain names and 300, 000 webpages, all of which can be bought backed by experienced, on-demand customer available in four ‘languages’. With a laser-like concentration on the customer experience, Hostpoint is poised to keep your a healthy growth trajectory for a long time.

Countries, sovereign state governments, and dependent territories experience long used flags, layers of arms, color themes, and anthems to begin a sense of identity on the physical world.

And in these days, thanks to the countryside code top-level domain (ccTLD), these groups supply an option for electronically displaying national symbolism.

Each ccTLD consists about two identifying letters — many people are familiar with. cn just for China,. us for the u . s, and. uk for the united kingdom. Other ccTLDs aren’t really quite as obvious. For occasion, the ccTLD for Switzerland is. ch. The code was produced from the Latin name for those country, Confoederatio Helvetica (or Helvetic Confederation).

Hostpoint symbolHostpoint plays a serious role in servicing Switzerland’s web hosting industry.
The. ch domain is actually available since 1987, getting only two years younger compared to a ubiquitous. com. Until 2014,. ch was mainly administered and sold on the Swiss Foundation SWITCH Technology Services. That year, still, the Swiss Federal Work of Communications ordered MODIFY to discontinue its. ch domains service included in the Ordinance on Internet Domain names, which went into results December 31, 2014.

“Originally, the Swiss domain registry SWITCH was part of selling and registering. ch domain names in Switzerland, ” talked about Mauro Landolt, Communication and additionally Marketing Specialist at Hostpoint. “However, after a lengthy legal dispute along with decision by the law enforcement, they had to give up this area. ” this episode prepared us grow predominantly in this particular domain business while everyone were already growing in our markets, especially web website hosting.

As a result, considerable swaths of customers fled to make sure you trusted private providers want Hostpoint, which had already built a reputation in the form of leading domain business and web hosting company. The company becomes a leading ICANN-accredited dominion registrar and Switzerland’s largest web hosting provider.

Bringing Affordable, Intuitive Hosting to Swiss Market

Hostpoint’s history extends farther back than its 2014 entry throughout the. ch domain market. For that matter, the company is celebrating the country’s 20th anniversary in 2021. It was eventually founded in 2001 just by Sandro Bertschinger, Markus Gebert, and Claudius Röllin during the time when Switzerland’s hosting enterprise was still in the country’s infancy.

“The offerings available at that moment were often very extravagant and too complicated to try, ” Mauro told u . s .. “There wasn’t any straight forward website management application (e. g., control panel). Therefore, there was a niche looking to purchase affordable and easy-to-use web hosting services. ”

Hostpoint’s founders were centered on providing high-quality service in the first place. Early on, they tailored to creating powerful, technically decent, and user-friendly software just for managing websites, including ones own control panel.

Hostpoint is celebrating 2 full decades as a customer-centric cyberspace solutions provider.In element, they set out to look at competent, friendly, and responsive customer. With all of all of these benefits provided at a budget friendly price, it wasn’t difficult just for Hostpoint to stand out of the competition — and eventually popularity.

“We are the largest web hosting provider in Switzerland as well among the first and leading website registrars, ” Mauro talked about. “Our infrastructure meets the largest performance and security measures. We develop a large area of our software in-house. Over fifty percent of our 75 employees work in customer care and tend to this customers’ needs and concerns 365 days one year. Our support service is recognised as to be possibly the best in the Swiss web hosting industry. ”

The supplier also provides support for four languages: German, Finnish, Italian, and English.

Any All-in-One Hosting Provider

The Hostpoint team comes with witnessed several critical technical developments after a period — and has expanded its variety of products accordingly.

“The emergence of virtualized systems has certainly made a change in the market, ” Mauro assured us. “Thanks to today’s impair solutions, space-consuming and power-hungry server landscapes are not even a necessity. Nowadays, server commercial infrastructure is more flexible, a great deal more redundant, and has a great deal more scaling options. ”

Hostpoint currently maintains its own high-performance infrastructure to make certain that services are simultaneously secure and reliable. The agency invests millions each year to keep your server resources, expand commercial infrastructure, and update software.

Hostpoint stores all user data on servers for Swiss data centers which usually boast rigorous security measures — so strict that they will be approved for use just by banks. For extra cover, the company backs ” up ” all web, e-mail, and database data multiple times just a day to independent storage clusters operating out of different fire protection areas. Free SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt and prestigious DDoS protection round apart the host’s security stock offerings.

Ultimately, Hostpoint’s mission is to look at customers a centralized source for a lot of simple web products and additionally services.

“Hostpoint is a fabulous one-stop store for word wide web services, ” Mauro talked about. “Are you looking to enhance your own website and purchase the right domain also? Create the required selection of email addresses directly together with web hosting? Use the SEO tool for optimizing your current web shop? These are precisely you need to cross-product constellations that we want to be offer to our purchasers. ”

Putting the User Experience First

Hostpoint has developed a great ability to navigate transformation after observing and reacting to shifts on the markets for more than 2 decades. The company leans intensively on this strength in the case of updating products and bringing new suggestions to life.

“Both management and employees keep a detailed eye on technological developments on the markets and identify potential technology and developments at an early on stage, ” Mauro talked about.

Of course, Hostpoint also requires a customer-centric approach to unit development.

“Valuable suggestions from purchasers find their way right into Hostpoint’s planning considerations additionally, ” he said. “The management assesses intrinsic and external suggestions and decides on the consideration and prioritization throughout the planning cycles. ”
Images of small businesses with promo logosThe agency is currently offering couple of of its top supplements, Webshop and Sites, in a free three-month trial.
The agency structures all planning cycles within four-month periods just for maximum efficiency.

“In you will find special, strategic goals are changed into projects that get prioritized thereafter implemented, ” Mauro assured us. “In software production, we work with any agile methodology (scrum) and that can therefore react well to make sure you new developments. ”

Numbers, Hostpoint used this technique to quickly launch its free of cost videoconferencing solution, Hostpoint Speak to, during the COVID-19 outbreak. The technology, which will involve no registration or install, offers video and sound experience conferencing, an integrated support function, screen sharing, and additionally background blurring.

In element to Hostpoint Meet, the agency is offering its website-building supplies, Sites, and ecommerce formula, Webshop, free of charge for ninety days. Through this initiative, the agency intends to help SMBs international weather the pandemic.

Maintaining a reliable and Healthy Growth Trajectory

By continuing to improve upon its original voyage, Hostpoint has enjoyed consistent growth realize it’s a huge — typically coming for around 10% year across year.

“We certainly are on course and obviously want to remain on this course, ” Mauro talked about. “However, we are aware that they can be a very challenging prospect. ”

Mauro said Hostpoint’s goal can be to expand its leading role on the Swiss market for both web hosting and domain registrations. “In element, we are always striving to build our products further and also diversify our product portfolio within the meaningful way, ” the person said.


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