Take Your Online Business to New Heights with IPServerOne: Delivering Customizable Hosting and Serious Support

Take Your Online Business to New Heights with IPServerOne: Delivering Customizable Hosting and Serious SupportTL; DR: IPServerOne offers a a wide variety of web hosting treatments, including managed services, manufactured for businesses of all types. The company is laser-focused over the customer, providing customized solutions tailored to the needs, continuous development influenced by their feedback, and mindful, around-the-clock support. Ultimately, IPServerOne’s goal could be to deliver reliable, ready-to-deploy goods and services that support the expectations of its customers.

Customization is much more than a buzzword: According to web sites study on the niche, it’s the future for business.

In 2018, researchers surveyed online individuals in South Korea to examine the effect of personalization on product attachment, attitudes, and loyalty in the fashion industry.

The majority of them surveyed said customization together increased their emotional attachment to products and rightly influenced their attitude all the way to individualized services — in due course boosting their loyalty towards a company.

But the primary advantages of a custom approach aren’t limited by the world of way. Take hosting, for example of this. As with clothing, one of the best solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all — they’re precisely tailored into the unique requirements of every one project.

IPServerOne logoIPServerOne centers on individualized hosting plans.The guys and gals at IPServerOne know this — and craft the company’s broad hosting portfolio accordingly.

“We’ve witnessed a great shift from traditional shared web hosting to customized, solution-based services that align with individual business treatments — and these solutions differ every business, ” said Halissa Hilmy, Internet marketing Executive at IPServerOne.

Unlike the standard hosting packages commonly located on the market, IPServerOne offers made-to-order solutions which is designed to meet unique customer expectations. This flexibility extends to cost — including, the IPServerOne Cloud base includes scalable compute power with usage-based charges together with hourly billing options without contractual obligations.

The Malaysia-based provider, which is approaching a 20th anniversary, also provides end-to-end managed services which is designed to accommodate growth for businesses of the sizes. With a company culture devoted to continuous learning and gaining user feedback, IPServerOne is poised that will earn and build customer loyalty for decades to come.

Web Hosting Services Which is designed to Accommodate Growth

Lee Cheung Loong, what person currently serves as IPServerOne’s running director, founded the provider in 2003.

“Initially, it had become a one-man-show run with a small office lot during Kuala Lumpur that provided basic shared web hosting services, ” Halissa says. “Now, IPServerOne has grown suitable company of 50 individuals occupying three office lots and offering an array of enterprise-level hosting services to around 50, 000 customers, together local and overseas. ”

The company’s goal is without question to help customers improve, as reflected in a tagline, “Our Infrastructure. An individual’s Growth. ” This devotion to customers has produced a year-over-year renewal level of 90%.

IPServerOne employeesIPServerOne associates.Halissa told us that your company frequently analyzes system performance to gauge any popularity of its products among users. Lately, customers have already been flocking to the IPServerOne Fog up platform, which is secure together with flexible — giving users the freedom to configure their environment as per unique and changing necessities.

As mentioned, the company’s fog up hosting service also allows for users to scale solutions, such as RAM, storage containers, and CPU, up or down influenced by current usage, dramatically dropping costs. Customers can estimate hourly or monthly fees utilizing the company’s Cloud Calculator.

“We are definitely the first hosting provider in Malaysia which provides hourly-billed cloud hosting implementing OpenStack technology, ” Halissa says. “Customers may choose that will deploy their instance during three different regions: Malaysia, Singapore, or simply Hong Kong. ”

IPServerOne’s primary goal could be to make it as convenient as they possibly can for users to set up and manage server scenarios.

“They can resize their resources directly from your platform, ” Halissa says. “They also have comprehensive control over their instances from your cloud platform that comprises accessing the console, blocking, rebooting, shelving, resizing, renaming, finding passwords, managing security types, viewing networks, and doing away with the instance. ”

End-to-End Managed Services for Businesses of the Sizes

Customers who aspire to avoid technical hassles while cutting back on IT personnel can turn to IPServerOne’s outsourcing treatments. These plans allow customers to have their minds off well-known tech-related distractions, such mainly because hardware malfunctions, security perils, and ever-changing data policies. With those concerns taken off, business owners can tv channel their extra energy towards what really matters — facilitating growth.

Unlike in-house employees who may contact sick, IPServerOne’s skilled team of tech engineers can be bought 24/7, regardless of holiday season, to assist customers. The provider delivers fully managed services for many email hosting to concentrated servers. Users may select from four monthly plans (Basic, Significant, Pro, and Premium) or pick company’s SmartHand Services method, which is billed on an hourly basis and performed on a date and time agreed in by both parties.

IPServerOne offers several services within SmartHand plan, including incoming and outgoing equipment shipment tracking, on-site or office environment technical assistance and troubleshooting, together with colocation equipment management, among alternative tasks.

Whether they decide managed services or conventional hosting solutions, Halissa said customers can use IPServeOne’s fast and impressive infrastructure. The company has held the main spot in terms for border gateway protocol (BGP) on the internet in Malaysia for your five consecutive years. It has also a 99. 9% uptime warranty.

“Our global internet back provides low-latency IP transit, the means to access thousands of networks, together with dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6) treatments, ” Halissa said. “We contribute 10% for Malaysia’s domestic online traffic from your 5, 000 physical providers we manage. ”

Improving the prospect Experience by Listening Diligently

IPServerOne’s reliable and customizable turnkey hosting packages may attract customers into the company, but it’s the attentive and knowledgeable support service that makes them vacation.

“Our main office during Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, is open for customers to drop by, have a cup of coffee with us, and chat about your IT concerns and issues, ” Halissa said. “We are always here to become our customers’ demands and definitely will always seek ways to allow them to have the solution they would like, ” Halissa said.

The IPServerOne support team is handy 24/7 to assist users, and its provisioning team works to make sure that speedy server setup together with deployment, increasing both time-to-market together with ROI. In addition, a fully staffed Networking Operations Center (NOC) squad is available on-site night and day to maintain the company’s concentrated datacenter.

The IPServerOne teamThe IPServerOne team works hard ready for its customers’ success while never forgetting of having fun.This customer-centric approach extends to the company’s internal enhancement efforts. As the IPServerOne squad is updating products, placing features, and experimenting utilizing new ideas, user input is a consideration.

“Our process usually begins with collecting comments from customers through our customer provider, sales, marketing, and help support teams via the a variety of communication channels, ” Halissa said to us. “We listen to the needs, try to understand the IT complexities they will face while managing your IT setup, and value their suggestions for future product development. ”

The company’s research together with development team also purposes its skills and expertise to identify opportunities for improvement during step with customer expectations and rapidly evolving systems. In some cases, the team will are going to phase out a system completely.

“We ended the sales of our web hosting services shared early last year when using the aim to shift some of our company direction toward virtualized fog up and dedicated hosting, which unfortunately provide customers with more effective resource allocations and top-notch results, ” Halissa said.

Children portrait Like Culture Centered regarding Continuous Learning

A minor, close-knit team of individuals with diverse backgrounds and skills is in the centre of IPServerOne.

Uniting them is a good passion for continuous figuring out and high-level support that works to ensure the best possible customer experience from a rapidly changing industry.

“Our people dedicate themselves to going above and beyond the call of requirement, ” Halissa said. “We support each other when a difficulty arises and work hand in hand make sure that nobody gets left associated with, and all teams can maintain a very high level of productivity. ”.


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