Simplicity Through Engineering: Juniper Networks Delivers Secure, AI-Driven Networks Purpose-Built for the Multicloud Era

Simplicity Through Engineering: Juniper Networks Delivers Secure, AI-Driven Networks Purpose-Built for the Multicloud EraTL; DR: Juniper Networks has spent around 20 years tackling complex industry challenges to allow customers to build one of the best networks for their small businesses. From its first router that will today’s advancements in multicloud treatments, the company approaches its goods and services with a commitment that will simplicity. Moving forward, Juniper will pursue to solidify its reputation meant for enabling digital transformation within a innovative and open-minded strategy. 

Leaders across everything may be throwing buzzwords approximately meeting rooms like confetti, however , there’s one, in selected, that should never be swept within rug: digital transformation.

To compete and thrive from now on, businesses must take full benefit for the opportunities provided by just emerging technology. Over the other decade, those who fail to achieve this will be left during the dust.

Still, the potential of overhauling familiar, time-tested processes based on rapidly evolving consumer demands during the digital age can get overwhelming, to say minimally.

Juniper Networks logoJuniper Companies approaches complex industry challenges by using a commitment to simplicity.Input Juniper Networks, an end-to-end tech provider that believes simplicity through engineering stands out as the highest form of originality. The company’s overarching goal could be to build robust networks able of taking on the trickiest challenges of service service providers, enterprises, government agencies, and higher education organizations worldwide.

“It’s tough for companies that will be going through this adjustment, so simplicity is main, ” said Scott Sneddon, Man or woman Director and Evangelist meant for Cloud Solutions at Juniper. “There’s a big return at play in terms of having the capability to do more with automation despite the fact that boosting agility, speed, and a chance to market. ”

Juniper leverages around two decades of experience to result in an extensive portfolio for products, solutions, and products — from routing, converting, and security to multicloud solutions which is designed to streamline and evolve treatments. Moving forward, emerging technologies will pursue to present new opportunities meant for Juniper Network customers — and also company will be there to guide them through the change within a innovative and open-minded strategy.

Two Decades’ Experience Eliminating Complex Networking Problems

Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, Juniper is a leading player in any tech space since 1996, as soon as the company introduced its cutting edge M40 router.

“In any mid-90s, the tech landscape enclosed one incumbent network vendor planning to be all things for all people, ” Scott says. “IP protocol was taking off, but this vendor was still heavily procured legacy network protocols. Juniper made a great bet early on that your particular purpose-built IP platform might possibly be useful to the promote. ”

The bet reaped rewards — with a high amount of early sales going that will telecom and backbone service providers building large-scale IP companies. The innovations continued, together with by 1998, the provider developed an unveiled Junos OS, a single operating system that could be now used across your whole Juniper product line that will streamline its offerings.

Juniper imageThe goal could be to build robust networks able of taking on the trickiest challenges worldwide.“From daytime one, we were purpose-built, together with from day one, people were automated, ” Scott says. “Instead of designing something proprietary which would only be appropriate for that given box, we chose numerous open source and off-the-shelf applications under a FreeBSD driver’s license. ”

Scott said that when the operating system was designed to make sure that network engineers could interact with it via a command-line vent (CLI), but also to make sure that operators could automate their platforms as they definitely scale. “The entire CLI is created around this structure, modeled language that lent again to automation, ” she said.

By 2004, the provider had grown enough to develop NetScreen Technologies, a issuer of network security together with access products.

“That gave us a route within the firewall and enterprise settings, and in the mid-2000s, we expanded the past record beyond routing and firewalls within the switching arena, ” Scott says. “But along the strategy, at our core, we’ve always been purpose-built and focused regarding automation and simplicity for operations. ”

Enabling Digital Transformation by using a Multicloud Solution Set

Gradually, Juniper evolved into a good $4. 6 billion provider with nearly 10, 000 people and 117 offices during 47 countries.

Today, Scott said the company continues to focus on automation and simplicity anytime driving digital transformation. These days, its strategy includes being able to help customers gain agility all around their cloud infrastructure as they definitely adopt more cloud services in several shapes and forms.

“I only define multicloud is In plus one, ” she said. “If I’m operating a good compute platform or a software environment that has one or more requirement of operations, one or more networking model, or one or more security interface, I contain a multicloud challenge. Or, whenever I’m still running Solaris regarding SPARC servers supporting some sort of Oracle app, and I’ve have some VMware on my best private cloud, that’s a good multicloud problem. ”

Each of those applications and platforms have different requirements relating to securing, networking, and doing work applications. Add in technological innovation like microservices, and Scott says the trouble grows exponentially.

That’s when the company’s multicloud solutions consist of. The company’s 5-Step Multicloud Migration Framework makes migration super easy. Then, Juniper’s Contrail Enterprise Multicloud platform is supplied in, empowering customers to regulate applications hosted both regarding and off-premises — together with in multiple clouds — that they were in an individual unified cloud environment.

Scott said this will aid ensure end-to-end visibility together with security across private together with public cloud services. He said it’s not automation, but automation by using a focus on the DevOps workflow.

“What we’re planning to do is kind for twofold: One, solve the complexity of the particular multicloud environment by giving you some consistent tools the fact that allow a network and security operator to be effective those environments seamlessly together with cohesively, ” he says. “Secondly, give the security together with network teams a language to being able to become closer to any DevOps process. ”

Giving you Education on Network Integrity Engineering

In addition that will streamlining multicloud environments, Scott said Juniper has long been focused on the exercise around site reliability industrial (SRE), a term coined by just Google to describe the employment of software engineering practices together with automation to infrastructure together with operations.

A network reliability engineer (NRE) combines the role associated with a software engineer engaged during building, testing, deploying, and operating the real key of DevOps. To help educate the industry on NRE best strategies, Juniper recently unveiled NRE Labs, a zero cost, unbranded community website that aims that will help people of all status build their automation competencies.

“It’s a set for free, community-sourced lessons without having registration requirements or paywall, ” Scott says. “The idea is to present a platform for network and security people to learn the process for SRE and how it corresponds to their domain. ”

The location was developed using an open-source project also known as Antidote, available under some sort of Apache v2 license, to make sure that industry wide participation. Users do not have to install anything or maintain any advanced knowledge to start learning with the course material, which demystifies tasks which include troubleshooting and verification implementing automation.

“The ultimate goal is to drive a little community awareness and education around concepts to help move the transformation excursion forward, ” Scott says.

A Continued Focus regarding Openness

Since the starting up of Juniper’s history, Scott said that your company has embraced a good philosophy of openness.

“We visited this market where any incumbent player was happening the path of planning to offer everything but undergoing it in a relatively made way, ” he says. “So we came to the current marketplace, um, with the approach of openness in that , we interoperate with many other vendors — we can’t expect that everybody might be building their infrastructure with scratch. ”

To the fact that end, Scott said Juniper is concentrated on open protocols, open-source, and open standards relating to IATF certification, etc.

“The Contrail toolset is our distribution of each open-source project called Tungsten Garment, and we continue to cultivate and contribute to the fact that project, ” he says. “We’re also excited related to expanded support and fellow member in other open-source arenas similar to the Kubernetes ecosystem. ”

At last, the company will strengthen user experiences by leverages the resources it gained from your March acquisition of Water Systems, a pioneer during cloud-managed wireless powered by just artificial intelligence.

“We have been completely using the Mist management system to look after some campus switching powering wifi access points, ” she said. “You’re going to see ever more of that AI-driven process of automation and orchestration towards more Juniper products thru 2020. ”.


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