PageCrafter Offers Entrepreneurs an All-In-One Solution for Hosting, Maintenance, and WordPress Design

PageCrafter Offers Entrepreneurs an All-In-One Solution for Hosting, Maintenance, and WordPress DesignTL; DR: PageCrafter is mostly a Minnesota-based website design, repairs and maintenance, and hosting company which usually serves businesses with WordPress webpages. The company focuses relating to the technical elements of sites so its internet business clients can remain centered on running their operations and improving products and services. As WordPress becomes tougher to navigate with the country’s plugins, updates, and confusing security, PageCrafter works with SMBs to enhance a stunning and sustainable web property.

Almost 7 million new websites went have 2020 as brick-and-mortar outlet stores transitioned to selling online usually in the COVID-19 pandemic. And many enterprises used WordPress to generate those sites.

WordPress now powers nearly 40% percent at all websites — up right from 35% in 2020. A few possibilities management system was designed with end users in your thoughts, but many modern internet marketers don’t have the moments to build, design, maintain, and host their sites because the platform’s complexity.

Today, navigating WordPress with confidence often requires a huge technical understanding, which may be especially difficult for enterprises that need to focus on other parts of most of the operations.

PageCrafter launched in 2011 by having a mission to make the software easier for businesses to get working and maintain a WordPress ınternet site. Founder Brian Johnson told us regarding how he started the supplier organically, helping one client during the time.

“When I started, it was eventually just me. I seemed to be working with another cyberspace development company, and I branched off by myself and started working by means of small local clients, ” John said.

PageCrafter logoPageCrafter helps to SMBs design and host or hostess WordPress sites.
What started in the form of lean web design retailer quickly grew into an expert-level firm which might handle anything related to make sure you WordPress. PageCrafter offers entrepreneurs and enterprises an all-in-one WordPress formula, including web design, website hosting, and maintenance.

The company started just by catering to customers who used several content management platforms, but PageCrafter tailored to WordPress early on and decided i would make the platform the country’s specialty.

“Now we succeed exclusively with WordPress. After a period, we’ve grown in a small number of different areas, and all the team has expanded, ” John said. “We’re a web site design, development, and maintenance supplier, and hosting is a massive part of our home business. ”

PageCrafter was created to thrive during all the events of 2020. Instead of working with companies to sit in a digital world, a good number of its B2B clients happen to be already online, and many were expanding usually in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Most of our business usually B2B or membership organisations. A lot of which usually market didn’t change much over the last year. They were actually online, ” Brian talked about. “We were busy the season. And now, 2021 is shaping as much easily be our best year for sure. ”

Accessible Web Type and Maintenance Services

PageCrafter offers affordable and easy-to-implement solutions while it focuses on small businesses on the B2B sector. Instead about customers adding services à are generally carte, PageCrafter offers completely unique infrastructure solutions and fee transparency.

The company equally doesn’t compromise on accelerate or quality.

“We provide you with managed hosting, and we deal while using issues, ” Brian talked about. “With our clients, we migrate their websites at zero cost. We deal with any issues that come up in the operation. ”

Small companies wouldn’t have the luxury of creating out an internal THE SOFTWARE team. They also don’t routinely have the time to use designing, maintaining, and solving hosting-related problems in-house.

PageCrafter prior to when and after photosPageCrafter helps businesses type their WordPress sites that should be more responsive and eye-catching.
PageCrafter maintains an organic process of growing the company nonetheless obtains many new customers through negative feedback. That allows it to focus on personalized solutions instead about marketing standard packages by means of one-size-fits-all products. PageCrafter realizes that there’s no ready-made option for creating a company or a trademark, so there shouldn’t deemed a package solution for creating a website either.

“Our main pitch is that we all make it easy to make a website. We handle many of the things that you don’t just want to, ” Brian said, “Some prospects don’t mind editing most of the website and adding service, and we’re happy to undertake the parts they don’t might like to do, including hosting. Others want us to try everything, and we’re prepared to provide that, too. ”

PageCrafter partners with customers to undertake the questions and problems that get when it comes to delivering their products and additionally services. And clients be given a superior, personalized product during a lower price point besides working with public website hosting options or cookie-cutter creations.

Expanding Hosting Services With Acquisitions

Many of PageCrafter’s purchasers were already online for 2020, but the consumer proceed to digital channels helped them grow with their markets.

“2020 was possibly the best years we had. We were fortunate that we all were already in space that was set to try well during a outbreak, ” Brian said. “If just about anything, people were going via the internet more. ”

That dynamic has caused PageCrafter’s steady growth since the start of the pandemic. The company also expanded its offerings in order to incorporate everything that a company should have a successful WordPress ınternet site. Whether clients need a niche site design or help at every step for the process, PageCrafter can benefit.

“We’re within the growth mode here, and PageCrafter is thinking about expanding in the website hosting sector by acquiring reduced hosting providers, ” John said. “We recently added WP Rocket into our managed hosting platform additionally uptime monitoring. We’re constantly tailored to making our clients’ websites faster and better reliable. ”

PageCrafter has established itself as a go-to formula for SMBs and entrepreneurs that need a fast, beautiful WordPress ınternet site. Companies won’t need to get a to multiple vendors to achieve projects thanks to PageCrafter’s brand-new acquisitions, which allow it to development, maintain, and host most of the site.

Offering comprehensive offerings ultimately saves customers effort and money. Instead of creating a website using 10 retailers, companies can get an easier price and a more integrated product in a single provider.

Focusing on Customer Needs by Addressing Feedback

PageCrafter builds relationships with every one of its clients, responds fairly quickly to customer requests, and additionally creates product offerings which usually serve those needs. Public hosts often don’t have the time to be controlled by individual customers, especially assuming they aren’t at the business venture level.

At the cause of PageCrafter’s mission are four questions manufactured to make the customer experience as easy that they can.

“How can we allow it to faster? How can we allow it to more reliable? How can we make the job easier for our prospects? ” Brian said. “And just how could we give them some of the most value for what we’re recommending and make their activities easier? ”

PageCrafter creates a exclusively effortless and affordable WordPress formula by asking those things and applying the answers upskill customer experience. As more businesses can quickly choose WordPress websites, PageCrafter has firmly established itself you can find at a perfect effort for growth.

“We just want to make everything directly attached to the website easy for the clients. Clients that are busy and provide more important things to bother with the technical side from the website turn to us to address it for them, ” John said.

Small businesses and additionally entrepreneurs who need one of a kind solutions, but have modest budgets, don’t have to continue it alone. PageCrafter affords the expertise of an enterprise agency along with the customer service and attention from the much smaller firm. That’s why doesn’t set limits relating to the problems it will solve now for the customers. PageCrafter offers website hosting, maintenance, and design all derived from one of place.


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