Dublin-Based Ambr Eyewear Puts a Whimsical Twist on Blue Light Protection for Tech Users Everywhere

Dublin-Based Ambr Eyewear Puts a Whimsical Twist on Blue Light Protection for Tech Users EverywhereTL; DR: In an era for near-constant screen time, Ambr Eyewear is being able to help customers protect their vision from harmful blue brightness — and ensuring they look good undergoing it. The homegrown company’s entire line of fashion-forward frames block together blue and UV brightness to shield wearers with screen and sun night and day. With customers in close to 80 countries, Ambr Eyewear is concentrated on mitigating the potential negative effects of blue light meant for stylish technology consumers across the world.

Ireland in January isn’t exactly a spring and coil breaker’s dream. It’s any darkest, coldest, and wettest time within the year, and residents normally while away the a lot of time indoors. That, of system, means an abundance for screen time.

But while the best Netflix binge does wonders in your chill, it can have negative consequences in the areas. Studies show that excessive exposure to electronic devices may produce migraines, sleep disturbances, and retinal damage as a consequence of harmful blue light emissions.

Ambr Spectacles logoAmbr Eyewear makes purple light blocking look superior.Dan Nugent experienced those symptoms firsthand two and a half years ago in this hometown of Dublin.

“You can’t really go outside during the winter months, so once working a nine-to-five position, coming home on any train, and watching hdtv, I was looking at screens an awful lot, ” he told individuals. “It was starting that will affect me, not just relating to my mood, but at the same time through eyestrain and issues. ”

The fact that Dan and his girlfriend Sasha just had child girl didn’t help this sleep quality, so after some research over the effects of screen being exposed, he ordered an inexpensive set of blue light blocking glasses or contact lenses from Amazon.

“I noticed significant improvements quickly, but there was an exceedingly obvious downside in they will were poorly designed together with featured a deep tangerine lens, ” he says. “Not only did these affect my color opinion, but they made me look rather stupid. ”

After seeing the society through carrot-colored glasses for too long, it clicked: Dan and Sasha may well combine their skills during digital marketing and design to develop classes that not mainly filter blue light but produce bold fashion statement. Obese that, Ambr Eyewear came into this world.

A Homespun Company Built by an Entrepreneurial Husband and wife

Dan and Sasha have a hunch that purple light filtering glasses during unexpected patterns and color combinations might be a hit with Dublin’s robust tech community. Facebook, Msn, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Slack all own their EU headquarters during the growing tech hub, as do various startups.

“We wanted to guarantee our glasses were the maximum amount of a fashion accessory as the health accessory, ” Dan said. “Nobody that I do know who works at an outstanding tech company like Msn or Facebook would step around with deep oranges lenses, but they might walk around from a beautifully designed pair for tortoiseshell glasses with straightforward lenses. ”

Models wearing the Vega together with Nova framesThe company’s frames consist of bold designs and feature a unique color story.Once months of research, sourcing, and prototyping, Dan and Sasha used the rest of their minimal savings to produce a small batch of glasses or contact lenses, which they sold at a homemade website.

“We placed it live, and within one week, we sold out for everything, ” Dan says. “Then I gave a handful of pairs to some journalists, so when the media picked on us, we had a few month of backorders that helped fund the other round of production. It all snowballed from there. ”

At this time, customers in nearly 80 countries decide on Ambr Eyewear to preserve their peepers from unhealthy blue light wavelengths together with UV light, both on the floor coverings and outdoors, night together with day.

Customers can purchase numerous lens types that happen to be safe for everyday take advantage of, including prescription, non-prescription, readership, bifocals, and progressives. All screen lenses are topped using an anti-glare coding for clarity and tend to be scratch-resistant.

Fashion-Forward Frames utilizing Powerful Blue Light Filtering

It’s safe to mention that Ambr Eyewear has got achieved its founding goal: to create blue light filtering frames that actually look cool. In inescapable fact, the company serves up a pleasing aesthetic from start to make.

The website itself is certainly beautifully designed and strikingly modern. The models are relatable (you’ll choose to hang out with them), possibly not airbrushed to mannequin-like levels. The language is upbeat and welcoming. There’s also a interesting virtual try-on tool and fit guide in line with the most common head figures: heart, oval, round, together with square. Born with a good round face? The provider suggests wide rectangular eyeglasses, like the Asteri, Helio, or simply Juno, to add length of time and balance.

The glasses or contact lenses, built by layering premium acetate with a titanium skeleton, are equally as attractive. Standouts include the emerald green Nova from a round, retro shape and also chunky Juno in perfect leopard, a gray tortoiseshell layout. And you can put aside gender stereotyping: All eyeglasses are unisex.

Ambr Eyewear concerns an eccentric aesthetic together with high-quality materials.

“We pride ourselves during not playing it safe — you’ll find classic shapes, but we try that will break the norm with numerous quirky, colorful styles, ” Dan said. When I’m driving in the city, Allow me to always tell when somebody’s being dressed in Ambr glasses, because they’re extremely striking. ”

Perhaps any company’s site says it all best: “Big, bold eyeglasses. Ideal for subtweeting, slinging shade, flexing and/or stunting, closing down haters, and generally living hard life. ”

In component to being on-trend, Dan said the eyeglasses are super high-quality at a low priced price point. And they have a great unboxing experience.

“When somebody receives your handmade jewelry, they always tend to generally be pleasantly surprised, ” Dan said. “They receive what can evoke $150 glasses in extremely nice packaging, ” she said. “It’s easy to apply cheap materials and produce quick buck, but you’re not attending generate that excitement and the grapevine that you would when you concentrate on quality. ”

A Broad range of Options for Nap, Sun, and Scrolling

Ambr Eyewear now gives the full range of low to medium to strong blue brightness filtering glasses precisely engineered to safeguard eyes from blue together with UV light. When it arrives at designing new frames, Dan said the provider leans heavily on client feedback — regardless if it takes them during unexpected directions.

“Around the middle of last year, we started noticing an intense demand for what we originally were going to avoid: orange lens glasses or contact lenses, ” he said. “People who have been extra sensitive to brightness loved our glasses however , were requesting more power — as well as block 98% of purple light, you have to have orange tint. ”

The consequence was Ambr’s Ultra path, which features tinted listings with fashion-forward frames. Filtering many blue light aids during melatonin production, so Dan also recommends them meant for nighttime.

Customer feedback was also the impetus to your company’s polarized sunglasses set, which includes UVA and UVB protection during the imaginative shapes and colors combinations that fans really enjoy.

“Sunglasses aren’t our important proposition, but they’re pretty striking and especially common with our loyal customers, ” Dan said. “All the offerings in our range outside of the clear blue light listings were motivated by desires from customers. ”

Any company’s review page, which unfortunately only features feedback with paying customers, is a clear testament to how happy countless are.

“It’s really nice to be familiar with that we are making a big difference in the lives of men and women, ” Dan said. “A massive amount people are quite skeptical, and then they give back after two weeks and leave an evalutaion saying, ‘I can’t trust my headaches are thoroughly gone. ’ That produces my job worthwhile. ”

Things Set on International Economies

Moving forward, the company comes with eye on global improvement. Ambr Eyewear is already popular during the U. S., but earlier this current year, the team launched international websites tailored into the French, German, and ” real spanish ” markets.

“In general, trends usually start in North America and make their way to us, ” Dan says. “As the blue brightness blocking market grows, we want to be one of the largest brands in Europe. ”

The provider is also ramping away retail distribution partnerships, together with a contract with Selfridges, an iconic luxury department store during the U. K., and in-flight shopping is about several airlines.

“It’s a fun time, and we plan to put numerous work into the provider, ” Dan said.


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