Serious About Security: SonicFast Delivers Affordable, DDoS-Protected Hosting Backed by Experienced Customer Support

Serious About Security: SonicFast Delivers Affordable, DDoS-Protected Hosting Backed by Experienced Customer SupportTL; DR: SonicFast, a good UK-based provider of provided, virtual, and dedicated holding solutions, helps businesses form a presence online through a good security-first approach. The company’s highly developed DDoS protection thwarts disorders while its SonicVPN provider ensures privacy for users worldwide. With add-on structure, development, and server direction, plus 24/7 support with a team of security pros, SonicFast is providing everything businesses will need to thrive in today’s online arena.

In 1989, British scientist Tim Berners-Lee submitted a proposal for that new way of posting information among researchers, essentially inventing the online market place.

This year, three quite a few years since that historic party, he shared concerns the fact that his creation has “provided the option for scammers, given a voice to folks that spread hatred, and made numerous crime easier to agree. ”

Security experts will agree. Online crime is certainly increasing in volume together with sophistication, making the internet more dangerous in the past. Distributed Denial of Provider (DDoS) attacks — wherein bad actors flood some sort of online service with traffic to be able to all of its solutions — are growing notably complex. Worse yet, black-market vendors are putting the capability to carry out such attacks in any hands of criminals what person lack technical skills — sometimes for under $150.

SonicFast logoSonicFast’s hosting solutions were pre-loaded with DDoS protection in thought process.At the top within the food chain are folks that deploy Layer 7 DDoS disorders — which target application-layer processes and tend to be therefore especially difficult that will detect. But not most of hope is lost: That will mitigate such threats, holding providers, including SonicFast, now are offering services specifically which is designed to safeguard your online means.

“SonicFast was founded in 2016 available hosting solutions with a good cybersecurity focus, ” says Mauro Carini, COO for SonicFast. “Our team of security experts centers on providing Layer 7 DDoS proper protection to small and medium-sized businesses acquire. ”

The UK-based issuer of shared, virtual, and dedicated hosting is a one-stop shop meant for design, development, and server direction solutions. And, if you’re ever searching for assistance, fear not: Most of services come backed by just 24/7 support from SonicFast’s informed and experienced team.

Provided, Virtual, and Dedicated Treatments with Advanced DDoS Proper protection

SonicFast provides a a wide variety of hosting solutions which is designed to meet the diverse necessities of its customers. Those with small web-sites often opt for among the many company’s four shared projects, which all include unending bandwidth, 24/7 support, cPanel, together with daily backups.

For a lesser price point, Startup, Pro, and Enterprise plans supply basic DDoS protection. If you’re hoping to safeguard your business with higher-level attacks, be sure to decide SonicFast’s Armored plan, this includes advanced DDoS protection from your Corero SmartWall Threat Defense system and custom-designed filters. Customers can add Membrane 7 protection to all package for 20 euros per thirty days.

Graphic depicting Layer 7 DDoS protectionThe provider defends against Layer 7 DDoS disorders, which are some within the hardest to detect.Customers who would like a high-performance, scalable solution by using a dedicated IP should think of SonicFast’s virtual hosting projects. The company offers either OpenVZ virtualization technology (Linux) or simply KVM (Linux or Windows). All virtual private servers incorporate advanced DDoS protection.

Businesses with websites of any size buying a secure solution and additional processing power often decide on SonicFast’s DDoS-protected dedicated providers, housed in datacenters during London, the Caribbean, together with Hong Kong. The company has also secure, high-performance gaming providers protected by Corero meant for Minecraft, Grand Theft Motor vehicle V, Left 4 Dry, and Counter-Strike: Global A problem, among other games.

“We assume uptime is determined don’t just by the redundancy within the service but also by just Anti-DDoS protection, ” Mauro says. “All our services happen to be protected against DDoS disorders, and we conduct daily tests to better and keep the protection recent. ”

In addition that will top-notch security, the provider provides transparent pricing. Customers can pay safely using PayPal or Bitcoin with out upfront costs, commitments, or simply termination fees.

A One-Stop Buy for Design, Development, and Server Direction

If you’re looking for that turnkey provider of everything it does take to build and maintain your website, SonicFast is a superior bet.

On top for its secure hosting products, the company has server management personnel handy to act as an extension to your IT team. And it empowers customers to dictate the level of commitment they’re comfortable utilizing — from one-time services to undertake white-label hosting support, together with email, ticketing, and are located chat.

“We will handle most situations, including monitoring, configuration, care, updates, security, backups, together with virtualization, ” Mauro says. “Our team has yrs of experience in enhancement, design, and security. ”

SonicFast knows the valuation of good design in helping businesses stand right out of the competition. An attractive, well-organized site that appears communicates a company’s brand and messaging will help make a strong first impression — quite as an amateur one could drive visitors away. Whether the goal could be to design a site with scratch or take an existing design to another location level, SonicFast’s creative team is ready to help.

But that’s never assume all: SonicFast also offers development services which is designed to streamline business operations together with deliver value to users. Options include everything with fully functional web products, databases, and APIs to undertake tech stacks. Pricing for these options is offered via custom quotes mainly.

Protect Your Privacy: Acquire Browsing with SonicVPN

Whether you’re hoping to circumvent internet censorship, give protection to browsing activity while regarding public wifi, or offset security risks, a virtual private network (VPN) a truly great tool for taking control to your online privacy.

The systems, which works by routing your traffic by using an encrypted pathway so cyber-terrorists and government entities can’t intercept it all, is increasingly recommended when using the rise in censorship, deal with, and surveillance across the globe.

To help customers get back freedom and control about their online data, SonicFast gives you robust protection through a sister company, SonicVPN. Began offering rebates its commitment to keeping user privacy, the company will not ever observe, save, or deal with traffic, keeping customers unseen and safe.

SonicVPN logoSonicVPN is working to preserve online freedom together with privacy through its confidential private network.SonicVPN’s services can be bought via three tiered projects, with pricing based on numerous concurrent connections allowed. Most of plans include unlimited bandwidth, 256-bit encryption, DDoS proper protection, and 24/7 support. Each includes the option to access content safely internationally via server locations during the U. S., U. T., Italy, Romania, Russia, together with Turkey.

According to any SonicVPN website, industry leaders like security expert Christopher Reed recommend utilizing the company’s VPN to surf the online market place. “Nowadays, the use associated with a VPN is recommended to anyone surfing the online to avoid being spied regarding by their providers or simply hackers, ” he said in a quote on the website.

Free Migrations and Around-the-Clock Help support From Security Experts

If you’re thinking of making the switch to SonicFast from one other hosting provider, you’re during luck: The company’s dedicated squad of experts will handle your whole process for you.

To guarantee you’re extra confident during the service, the company’s support team is offered 24/7 to assist utilizing any problems via are located chat or support lottery tickets.

Satisfied customers can even make money online by enlisting new people through SonicFast’s referral process, which offers a permanent commission on each different customer. The company is certain that its strong security posture will end up in growth through word-of-mouth internet marketing.

“We love our job because we go to help people, and that’s why we are online all of the time, ” Mauro said. “We suggest to a level of customer service that your bigger companies can’t deliver. ”.


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