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Tekrevol Partners with Entrepreneurs and Tech Startups on Site Building and Mobile App Development ProjectsTL; DR: Tekrevol specializes in mobile app development, site-building, and additionally individualized startup support, within other services. The company’s philosophy focuses on sustainable business growth and additionally scalability — traits which usually separate Tekrevol from competitors that ought to operate within narrowly confined statements of work. The agency is working to expand the breadth of its industry transformation services, as evidenced through ongoing prioritization of all the rapid-cycle lean startup circumstance Start, Inc. Share

For 2014, Abeer Raza and Asim Rais Siddiqui linked forces in Silicon Valley to begin the process a forward-thinking web production company.

The pair understood the dark side for the technical consulting market certainly — and were determined to do something positive about it. Rather than operate within the self-serving manner, they would definitely align their objectives with those from the clients. The result was first Tekrevol, a firm created to challenge the status quo.

“Average services are relatively detached right from client problems, ” Abeer assured us. “Their main focus gets builds out as fast as possible and walking away — because they don’t envy there when things fall on the cracks. That was an indicator for me that everyone needed a platform we’re able to use to truly partner with this clients for the long term. ”

Today, Tekrevol is mostly a full-service technical consulting office offering app and cyberspace development, startup consulting, IP cover, and ongoing maintenance offerings. All of these engagements span the customer life cycle. However, the key company goes a tip further, maintaining its friendships beyond single projects.

Abeer Raza about Tekrevol's and various cash incentivesAbeer Raza gave u . s . the scoop on Tekrevol’s customer-centric process of web development.
“From any entrepreneurial standpoint, we fall into the nitty-gritty, ” Abeer talked about. “We stick around and additionally help customers with patenting, by their infrastructure support, with development advice — in spite hosting sometimes. We essentially maintain their servers additionally. ”

Tekrevol’s vast profile of success stories glass display cases its deep experience putting together web apps for Android os and iOS. These diverse case reviews demonstrate how Tekrevol empowers clients to focus on their core competencies at the same time offloading tasks like websites building and detailed production work. Another perk: Discounts for such solutions is normally remarkably transparent, with free estimates available with an online project-cost estimator.

If for example the company’s growth is whatever indication of success, the truth that operating with an open and hands-on approach is an efficient strategy. While Tekrevol continues as headquartered in Silicon Area, the company has fairly quickly expanded globally with increased offices in Houston, Estonia, and additionally Pakistan.

Holistic Mobile Application and Web Development Offerings

Tekrevol’s bread and butter is there to the development of mobile apps for those Android and Apple types. The company supports any vendor’s entire product environment. For example, its Apple-focused apps handle iPhone, iPad, Apple Keep an eye on, and Apple TV. Besides, Tekrevol’s app development services span the product life cycle, for example development, UI/UX design, trying out, and submissions to focused app stores.

Tekrevol also tackles emarketing web apps and niche-specific site-building projects tailored to B2B applications. As part of the experience, the company explains UI, digital branding, SEARCH optimization, and conversion search engine optimization.

 Tekrevol, headquartered in Silicon Area, offers world-class technologies.

Site-building leagues at Tekrevol are fluent for both HTML5 and production atop the WordPress circumstance. The company’s developers, even so, use the Laravel framework consequently they are experienced in a lot of standards, including Java, Angular, Node. js, Dark red, React. js, MySQL, and additionally Apache.

Mobile and web development isn’t on a business purposes, either. Tekrevol makes mobile games using several unique standard toolkits and a number of wearable-first apps for those Apple and Android industry. The company also holds up apps with post-deployment maintenance that include upgrades, performance enhancements, virus tracking, and AWS-optimized server sustain.

Tekrevol is especially irresistible to serial entrepreneurs who understand the complexity part of launching a new home business. To help minimize which usually complexity, Tekrevol partners with startups in a great many fundamental ways.

First, the agency offers a rapid prototyping service plan for mobile and cyberspace. Second, Tekrevol helps startups turbocharge most of the business missions with apps manufactured to enable growth and scalability. In conclusion, the company works to distinguish various intellectual property investments which might otherwise go unprotected.

“Buying into someone’s vision certainly is the most critical thing for american, ” Abeer said. “When we’re joining up, we’ll own the plan work, and we’ll calm marketing — with whatever they need, really. Right from there, we’ll advise them about what should be done so next. ”

Consulting Partnerships Publicize Stable and Scalable Emergence

Very large consultancies — the kinds with lots of agents across hundreds about global offices — perform a valuable service. Still, they frequently function with a sightless spot: They don’t meaningfully engage with clients to understand most of the objectives. Instead, many consultancies operate in line with generalized industry rules by having a short list of wanted approaches and templated solutions make force fit to patron use cases.

This condition also affects smaller application and web development vendors. These companies know ones own tech stacks and bring ones own design principles to all the table. But they often disregard the unique needs of customers this particular approach. That’s because developers located at these smaller firms on a regular basis work from templates additionally. Sure, the technique enables the property to deploy apps rapidly. But optimizing them for scalability or almost every given purpose is a really problem.

The company’s relationship-focused way allows it to strategically leverage technology in line with client need.“We receive the long-term approach, little by little, trying to expand insurance firms several people share responsibility in understanding the client’s perception, ” Abeer said. “Value is normally our core principle. Any time we’re doing something, it consists of to bring value. All the focus is relationships across revenue. ”

Tekrevol prioritizes long-term friendships over time-limited consulting events. These relationships allow the agency to engage more pretty deep with clients and figure out their vision and dreams. They also serve in the form of springboard for support.

An example, the company generated significant goodwill usually in the pandemic by temporarily suspending a lot of client payments. Abeer said it was eventually more important to benefit these struggling clients the weather the storm (with payables untimely until after recovery) when compared to shut them out attributable to short-term cash flow worries.

Ultimately, Tekrevol uses this innovative and dynamic process of build a reputation for client satisfaction. The startups and enterprises it serves experience the company’s bespoke development about applications, websites, games, and additionally ecommerce platforms.

Helping Affiliate marketers Build Sustainable Operations

Born out from deep frustration with modern world consulting groups, Tekrevol now specializes in the development of blog for major consumer devices throughout the Android and Apple ecosystems. Aside from that, Tekrevol supports startups by having a host of services, for example site building, web application coding, and guidance just for IP protection.

However, the company’s main differentiator is its emphasis on long-term strategic partnerships that cover a simple spectrum of work and additionally maintenance. Instead of fire-and-forget deliverables, Tekrevol focuses on client relationships. These relationships enhance the company’s ability to speak to customer needs while being sure that the customer has long-term sustain, even for updates and additionally bug-squashing.

Tekrevol’s next major focus can be to double down on Get started in, Inc. — a unit released to good feedback at TechCrunch Disrupt for 2019.

“The philosophy in back of Start, Inc. is the lean methodology to do business, ” Abeer talked about. “We want to use that methodology on steroids. The idea is that one can start a technology home business within hours that’s including everything from marketing email campaigns and landing pages to make sure you prototypes and designs. Whatever it is you may need, it’s all automated; it’s all of the synchronized. You can do your researching the market, create the assets you must have, launch your business during one platform, and see the answers. Once you have many results, you start repairing the full product. ”

Tekrevol is really an obvious choice for tech-focused entrepreneurs and SMBs desirous to achieve sustainable growth through a scalable web development formula. The company’s product portfolio speaks to the grade of its work. But it’s all the company’s deeply rooted diamond approach that ultimately helps to startups thrive.

“It takes a large amount of energy to work with a very small business or an entrepreneur who has got no clue what may be do initially, ” Abeer talked about. “But if you can invest a tiny bit of time initially with individuals, that generates tenfold revenue. ”.


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