TypeTastic’s Comprehensive Curriculum Makes Acquiring Essential Keyboard Skills Fun for Over 2 Million Children in All Grades

TypeTastic’s Comprehensive Curriculum Makes Acquiring Essential Keyboard Skills Fun for Over 2 Million Children in All GradesTL; DR: Typing Master puts engaging keyboarding courses within reach with TypeTastic and TypeTastic Faculty Edition, which have helped around 2 million children kick-start your typing education. The provider, founded in 1992, provides around 700 fun and beautiful activities that empower users to generate essential skills for a good tech-based world. With exhilarating upcoming collaborations and projects for bilingual support, TypeTastic is poised to help a much greater population of students excel for decades to come.

As public schools phase cursive handwriting due to curricula and children value more highly to email their Christmas details to Santa, it’s evident that your keyboard has become mightier ın comparison to the pen.

Still, the reality today’s youth are online natives doesn’t mean they’ll buy typing skills naturally — for example anyone, they have to generally be taught. Guidelines specifying developmental readiness for typing tuition don’t yet exist, but many consider it appropriate to introduce those skills in kindergarten anytime young hands fit comfortably at a keyboard.

And since many classes aren’t teaching kids to type factored in a standard curriculum, progressively more teachers and parents are switching to third-party tools — which include Typing Master’s TypeTastic together with TypeTastic School Edition — to complete the task.

TypeTastic logoTypeTastic features around 700 typing lessons for students of the grade levels.“We realized that certainly, there weren’t any companies giving you material to K-3 students which would get them acquainted by using a keyboard, especially with a good pedagogical approach, ” says Sini Taskinen, Marketing Leaders at Typing Master. “So we started with tools to your lower levels and consequently began incorporating keyboarding curriculum for any grade levels. ”

At this time, the company offers partaking online courses that version proper typing techniques which means that children can practice lessons until they need mastered their skills. However , these typing lessons aren’t mundane exercises in repetition. On the other hand, they’re designed to help kids identify the fun in typing thru gamification, with more compared with 700 entertaining activities during alternating landscapes.

Moving in advance, Typing Master has plans that can put its keyboarding courses during the hands of an quite possibly broader student population by integrations with popular e-learning tools and also addition of bilingual help support.

A Rich History: Helping Students Try to Type Since 1992

Sini said to us that Typing Professional, based in Finland, has long been developing computer education tools for nearly three decades. The company initially crafted its software for MS-DOS before shifting to Windows in consideration with industry trends. Consequently, about 15 years earlier, the company began giving you software-as-a-service solutions for classes.

As technology advanced and children began interacting with computers at an extremely early age, Typing Master begun to develop tools like TypeTastic meant for early childhood education. The company’s portfolio also includes an array of keyboard skill-enhancing products, together with Typing Games Zone, TypingTest. com, together with TypingTrainer. com.

TypeTastic was launched in June 2017 that will serve children in kindergarten through third grade and features since helped more compared with 2 million users try to type. In 2019, any Typing Master released TypeTastic Faculty Edition, which includes around 700 activities on topics which include touch-typing, fluency, numbers, and symbols for your K-12 keyboarding curriculum.

TypeTastic screenshot on MacThe online software is supplied in both home and faculty editions.“In today’s tech-based society, keyboarding is a language that everyone should be aware of, ” said Petteri Väliaho, any co-founder of TypingMaster, from a Facebook announcement. “Now, students overall grades have a fun and inspiring option to learn to type, and their teachers provide the tools to keep them ready. ”

With TypeTastic Faculty Edition, teachers can easily save detailed scores every student, making it easier in the past to track progress. They’ll also proctor customized typing tests which is designed to assess progress or deliver as extra credit.

The course is extremely user-friendly, running without apps or plugs and featuring compatibility utilizing Windows, macOS, iOS, together with Android devices.

An Partaking, Step-by-Step Approach for K-12 Trainees

Gamification has found its devote both educational spaces in the last decade — and for ever reason.

A whopping 97% for teens ages 12-17 tapped from a recent study by any Pew Research Center says they play computer, online, portable, or console matches, with nearly half of the teens surveyed reporting they will played a video game the previous day.

In another investigation, nearly 80% of the learners said what are the real be more productive whenever their university, institution, or simply workplace was more game-like.

TypeTastic and TypeTastic School Edition give you access to the emerging gamification direction with fun and partaking lessons featuring Roxy any Red Panda and breezy of the islands adventures for elementary trainees, as well as amazing but streamlined modules meant for children in middle and graduation.

Illustrations of games meant for various grade levelsGamification keeps students in anyway grade levels engaged together with learning.Through gamification, Typing Master aims that will help students build a favorable, rewarding, and encouraging rapport with typing. The approach helps always keep them engaged for long periods of time as they pick away new skills.

In addition into the engagement benefits of gamification, Sini told us teachers and learners value the solution for its straightforward, step-by-step process.

“You just take small steps that will be duplicated in every single lesson you read through, ” she said. “You always get started with learning a key, after this you start adding words, consequently sentences. It feels familiar however is not repetitive. ”

Sini said schools delight in that lessons provide business opportunities to fail and check out again without repercussions and that they include real words together with sentences. “We don’t just undertake these exercises to type letters from a row, ” she says. “You’re learning how to type words as you may would in the real world — not just overall letter sequences. ”

Direction Solutions for Entire Classes and Districts

Sini said the TypeTastic School Edition was manufactured for the needs of teachers at multiple levels, together with teachers, schools, and districts. The completely ad-free technology makes it simple to do everything with customizing study material and organising tests to managing the webs software as a district-wide choice.

Typing Master released a leading update to TypeTastic Faculty Edition in April 2019, introducing more than 280 different activities for middle and high school students with specific themes influenced by grade level.

The software now works with single sign-on functionality and may also be integrated into faculty directories using Active Directory website Federation Services, a solution involving Microsoft.

“You can basically login with one operator ID and password, and you’ll then manage all of the schools within the same place, ” Sini says. “It’s the most essential update we’ve released from a while. ”

The upgrade was established largely on feedback from teachers who makes use of the technology. Typing Master regularly has in-depth conversations having a customers and even included a few of them in a five-month preliminary program before officially relieving the update.

The company’s most up to date update, released January 7, 2020, features administrative dashboard that enables district and organization leaders to look after multiple schools via an individual intuitive interface (keep tabs out for new reporting features designed to make the software additional powerful. )

Up After that: Integrations and Bilingual Help support

Sini told us the fact that Typing Master recently partnered with Clever, an educational software provider that empowers districts to bring their digital resources into an individual secure portal, to deliver single sign-ons and shortened roistering.

To provide additional sign-on options, the provider will partner with Msn SSO, Google Classroom, together with ClassLink.

Users can also hope a Spanish version of TypeTastic in the near future.


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